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Having worked for the leading companies of the healthcare industry for years, the most fundamental knowledge I acquired was to stay away from the ‘’3 whites’’ for a healthy living.

Staying as far away as possible from flour, sugar and salt, has always been the first advice from health authorities.

Then one day, a man of high importance for the healthcare industry, a very successful physician, suggested me to use Himalayan Salt. I found this very odd and have told him so. I even told him about the forbidden ‘’3 whites’’. He then explained me that all of those ‘’3 whites’’, are refined products, whereas Himalayan Salt is natural.

 (Yes! It is true that neither sugar nor flour nor salt (refined) exist in nature. We humans have obtained these by processing them. Even refined salt dates back to the beginning of the 19th century.)

I followed my physician’s advice and bought Himalayan Salt, only to find out later that it was fake. The day I realized I bought fake Himalayan Salt was the same day I undertook the mission to provide our consumers natural, authentic Himalayan Salt. As we stand today, we take justified pride in becoming a lead factor in the positive change of salt consumption habits.  

Although Himalayan Salt is a natural unrefined salt, our daily consumption should not exceed 5 grams as stated by the World Health Organization (WHO). Taking into consideration the rise of convenience food also expressed as Fast Food, we may be consuming more salt than our body requires. To compensate for this, - just as I constantly lay emphasis on in my book; ‘’Why are we aging, why are we becoming sick’’ - we must increase our water intake to drive out excess salt out of our body.

Please enjoy Purelife. Thus repeating our slogan;

“Please consume in reasonable amounts, even if your salt is Purelife.” 


Nuri Kızıltaş


NYC Gıda Sanayi ve Ticaret INC.


NYC Gida Sanayi ve Ticaret Inc. has been established in 2010 with the purpose of raising awareness over the use of natural salt both domestically and internationally and has been proceeding with this cause ever since, by providing our valued customers Himalayan Salt, known as the world’s most valuable salt.

Here at ‘’Purelife’' we aim to maintain our leadership in the domestic market, and have the intention to be part of the domestic and international popularization of natural salt and lead the way to orientate refined salt producers towards natural salt.

As ‘’Purelife’’ we are responsible and proud to constantly strive for success, excellence and to make a difference in this field. Therefore, we think it is crucial not to compromise on quality in any of the steps until our salt finally arrives at your table. Every step from the initial transportation from Pakistan to Turkey, to the packaging and if necessary, the iodizing, is carried out professionally and carefully.

Nonetheless we would like to advise you to "consume salt in reasonable amounts, even if your salt is Purelife."